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Postandfind.com a place for you to post and find the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet . I started working on developing the site back in December 2014 as a simple project because I always want to try out new things and learn by doing. Finding the time to work on the site was a challenge in the begining because my twin daughters were born, so things started very slow. But I stick to the plan to get it done and keep things as simple as possible. I found myself working a couple hours extra daily after my normal 9 to 5. I choose to build it to provide an alternative avenue for people to share, explore and discover interesting information, a place where people can find the best possible stories on the internet and share their knowledge with others with similar interests. Hopefully, someone will find it valuable and start using it to share or discover cool stories.

Postandfind.com is a free service! It's FREE because it's powered by people like you and others in the online community who have gained a lot of knowledge, experience and find great satisfaction in sharing the posts with others. As Postandfind continues to evolve, I'll try to make it easier and better. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this free service to help the community better. Or if you would like to help, feel free to send me a note.

Thanks, Bekenty Jean Baptiste

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