What makes a good website for a writer?


It’s quite obvious. First of all, you can use WordPress or Blogger for this purpose. Ad interesting pattern and try to improve the quality of your design. It is really simple because there is no need to use the code of your website. Just add some widgets and tools, which could be useful for your readers and future clients. Second, I can recommend you to create the section with your best previous articles. Try to impress them and grab their attention, that’s why use only impressive and exciting texts. If you understand that your writing skills are bad, you can refer to special academic paper writing service. This company provides writing help for money. Just make an order and get your professional portfolio to impress employers.


Finally, you should mention about your best skills, but do not write your biography. To my mind, it is useless because employers are interested in your skills, while other info is not necessary for them.




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